• A presentation = a talk giving info about a subject/product/an idea
  • Is an important form of oral communication
  • Stage fright/fear of making presentation is widespread
  • Combating stage fright
  • Recognize your nervousness/accept the fact that you are nervous
  • Understand what happens to you physically when you feel nervous
  • Regard your nervousness positively as a form of energy which you can turn to your advantage
  • Regard nervousness as a healthy sign, which can actually improve your performance
  • Visualize yourself giving a good & strong presentation; positive imagination infuses freshness & confidence
  • Work hard on your content; if you are well prepared, you’ll feel excited about sharing it
  • Work hard on the opening lines & the rest of the introduction; once the opening sentences are in the right place you’ll immediately feel better
  • Focus on what you have to say to your listeners rather than bothering about your nervousness
  • Once you start telling the audience what you know your nervousness will leave you
  • Rehearsal & practice will polish your performance & also make you feel more self – assured & confident
  • Rehearse your presentation in front of your friends/parents/siblings
  • Maintain eye contact with your audience
  • Start your presentation with a smile
  • Preparing Power Point Slides for Presentations
  • Reach the presentation area much before the audience & adjust material on the laptop/pen drive before you speak
  • Time your slides, ensure when to show a slide
  • Keep the lens of the LCD covered so that the audience does not have to look at a blank screen before you show them your first slide
  • While displaying a slide, avoid standing/walking in front of the LCD lens
  • Avoid cluttered slides > writing long paragraphs or lengthy sentences
  • Give the ideas/info in bullet form, not more than eight to ten points in a single slide
  • Avoid reading the slides by looking at them; it reveals lack of preparation
  • Keep your slides to the minimum number
  • Make your slides as captivating & innovative as possible


  • Quick and Easy: the basic features are easy to master and can help you to organize the material
  • Simple bullet points: it can reduce complicated messages to simple bullet points that are easy to comprehend
  • Easy to modify: when compared to other visual aids such as charts, posters, or objects
  • Easily re-order presentation: with a simple drag and drop or using key strokes, you can move slides to re-order the presentation.

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